lunes, 1 de octubre de 2007

Letter to Urszula Antoniak

You might not understand what da f*** is all this sh** about... "a blog... about... MY film?", well... YES!

The thing is that a cable TV channel called "i·sat" is making your film quite popular down here in Latin Amercia. A lot of people came to the internet and started looking for any info about your film. I made this because there's a lot of info in Deutch, some details in English, but very poor articles in Spanish.

So, I wanted to beging this kind of crusade... or "ODYSSEY"... to find you, to give you (and your crew) my claps and congratulation for this absolutley amazing film. You've made a fantastic audiovisual art-work, in many ways, and there's a lot of people saying that on the net in spanish, so I wanted to let you know somehow.

It's absolutley impossible to get your film for rent at Blockbuster or anything like that. It's impossible to us to purchase the film -for many reasons, we kind of lost in translation, most of us can't afford a DVD movie in Euros, plus shipping cost, it's damn complicated-.

There's this website, site, where your film is uploaded but... it is not fine quality, and it doesn't have spanish subtitles either.

So... if you could send one copy to us to upload it to the net, it would be wonderful!
A lot of people is interested on watching your film again.

I hope you read this, I hope you send me/us life-signals, I hope to watch your film again... and again, I hope to meet you some day and make a film together, why not? (I'm a filmmaker too, by the way).

Thank you for your film, Urszula...
See you around!

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Nerd Progre dijo...

ja ja! Yo pense lo mismo en 2007 e hice un post

Hoy me acorde de la peli y la busque para bajarla. Sigue sin estar por ningun lado.